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Cake–Factory are an artist agency representing photographic and film making talent. With offices in NYC, London and L.A their work is seen in campaigns across the globe for brands like Coca Cola, HSBC, Adidas and Diageo.

We’ve been working with cake-factory since their inception in London in 2004. We helped create a brand not seen in the sector before. It’s about boutique and high end, with a hint of British sensibility. The brand identity is about allowing work to take centre stage but to be distinctive when it needed to. The three circles of the ‘cake’ icon represent the three founding partners, with a 'slice' taken out to let it become an ornate letter ‘C’.

Their clients are art directors and media buyers who engage with hundreds of websites every week. The clean simplicity and crisp functionality makes it an pleasurable and memorable experience. The ‘gander’ page gives an insight behind the scenes and into the culture of the agency. The site is spported by a system that allows the team to react quickly and easily launch new campaigns and content.

The brand and Website have stood the test of time with the previous website winning at the Webby awards for Website Design in 2009.  Visit Website

TrueOutput - Cake-FactoryTrueOutput - Cake-Factory