More selected projects

Nearform build high-performance software which help global enterprises innovate at speed. Millions of users interact with their applications every day. The company enjoyed steady growth and success but their brand was struggling to keep pace. They wanted to align their brand and positioning to speak more clearly to their C - Suite level clients, however they didn't want to lose their individuality and close affiliation with the open source software community.

After an in depth audit and strategy phase we developed a brand vision around ‘shaping a better digital world with open, creative software’. The visual execution harnessed their maverick spirit, distanced themselves from their competitors and how software companies are usually perceived. The project included; brand audit, interviews, strategy, messaging, brand identity with guidelines, an Identity generation app, and a new website. Visit Website



Identity Machine

The ‘identity machine’ allows the team to create and customise imagery for use on their own projects.


Product Icon System

We created a customisable icon system allowing the team to brand their various software tools. Using a 3x3 grid derived from the logo mark, new icons can be created by removing and joining the cubes in the grid.