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Tony Roche Menswear were an established brand in Waterford City. They were evolving the business and moving to new premises. The new offering was more than menswear and required a name change to reflect this. The use of the initials of the former store kept a tie back to their heritage but allowed them to develop womenswear, coffee and a barbers over two floors.

Our approach was to allow all these different offerings sit comfortably under the one visual banner. The logo has hints of traditional tailoring and the dashed line serves to suggest stitching on clothing. The 45 degree angles used on the logotype are derived from the street number ‘45’ of the shop. This angle device is followed through into the packaging and signage. The monochrome palette with the addition of a red accent creates a classic, timeless feel. We translated this direction into the interiors. We consulted on the interior styling and sourced vintage, lighting, furniture and accessories. We also designed the oak framed custom mirrors to fit the space. The domino wall piece, made of 672 individual domino tiles, adds a playful element to the ground floor.

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Interiors sourcing and styling