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Waterford Distillery is a unique distillery. They required a website that would communicate this but also be a place to tell their story and express their brand. They’re starting from scratch and are not interested in manufactured stories and borrowed tropes found across the industry. At the time of launch of this website they will not have any product to sell for another three years.

Our concept for the website is to create an ongoing journey. A story that unfolds as the years go by, always moving towards the launch of the first bottles of Waterford Whisky.

It is unconventional, vibrant and living. It doesn’t care about instant gratification, it is a website that requires time to explore. As you scroll down the homepage you go back in time, and you can see the progression of the story, right back to the first Tweet which the CEO Mark Reynier announces he’s bought a distillery. 

The content is broken down into all the Elements that go into the process of making their Whisky; Barley. Soil. Water. Life. Steel. Copper. Fungi. Spirit. Air. Wood. The content is rich and varied, using Film, Photography, Writing and Illustrations to express the story. Visit Website

Content collaborators:
Caolan Barron
 – Photography
Crows Nest Films - Film Content


TrueOutput - Waterford Distillery WebsiteTrueOutput - Waterford Distillery Website